ZDV:CA:TSX-BMO Canadian Dividend ETF

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The investment seeks capital appreciate and income. The fund provides exposure to a yield-weighted portfolio of Canadian dividend-paying stocks.

Inception Date: 21/10/2011

Primary Benchmark: N/A

Primary Index: S&P/TSX Composite TR

Gross Expense Ratio: NA%

Management Expense Ratio: 0.39 %

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Relative Returns (From:    To: 2019-01-12 )

Largest Industry Peers for Canadian Dividend and Income Equity

Symbol Name Mer Price(Change) Market Cap
XDV:CA iShares Canadian Select Divide.. 0.55 %

+0.06 (+0.24%)

CAD 1.38B
CDZ:CA iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Divid.. 0.66 %

+0.13 (+0.49%)

CAD 0.87B
PDC:CA Invesco Canadian Dividend Inde.. 0.55 %

+0.07 (+0.26%)

CAD 0.66B
XEI:CA iShares S&P/TSX Composite High.. 0.22 %

+0.08 (+0.38%)

CAD 0.58B
VDY:CA Vanguard FTSE Canadian High Di.. 0.22 %

-0.06 (-0.18%)

CAD 0.49B
ZWC:CA BMO Canadian High Dividend Cov.. 0.72 %

+0.07 (+0.36%)

CAD 0.45B
HXH:CA Horizons Cdn High Dividend Ind.. 0.11 %

-0.03 (-0.10%)

CAD 0.19B
DGRC:CA WisdomTree Canada Quality Divi.. 0.21 %

+0.20 (+0.71%)

CAD 0.17B
RCD:CA RBC Quant Canadian Dividend Le.. 0.43 %

-0.04 (-0.20%)

CAD 0.13B
XDIV:CA iShares Core MSCI Canadian Qua.. 0.11 %

+0.05 (+0.22%)

CAD 0.11B

ETFs Containing ZDV:CA

ZMI:CA BMO Monthly Income ETF 8.16 % 0.61 %

+0.03 (+0.19%)

CAD 0.11B

Market Performance

  Market Performance vs. Industry/Classification (Canadian Dividend and Income Equity) Market Performance vs. Exchange (Toronto Stock Exchange)
  Value Sector Median Percentile Rank Grade Market Median Percentile Rank Grade
Capital Gain 4.95% 67% D+ 70% C-
Dividend Return N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total Return 4.95% 67% D+ 69% D+
Trailing 12 Months  
Capital Gain -9.76% 65% D 50% F
Dividend Return 4.65% 81% B- 68% D+
Total Return -5.11% 71% C- 55% F
Trailing 5 Years  
Capital Gain -7.40% 40% F 46% F
Dividend Return 21.53% 80% B- 63% D
Total Return 14.13% 30% F 53% F
Average Annual (5 Year Horizon)  
Capital Gain -1.30% 29% F 28% F
Dividend Return 2.98% 47% F 42% F
Total Return 4.28% 88% B+ 71% C-
Risk Return Profile  
Volatility (Standard Deviation) 11.22% 18% F 57% F
Risk Adjusted Return 26.54% 41% F 43% F
Market Capitalization 0.68B 72% C- 77% C+

Annual Financials (CAD)

Quarterly Financials (CAD)

Analyst Rating

Target Price Action Rating Action Analyst Rating Price Date

This is a composite scorecard based on the application of evaluation criteria deemed most important by analysts. This is not a buy or sell recommendation.

What to like:
Superior total returns

The stock has outperformed its sector peers on average annual total returns basis in the past 5 years (for a hold period of at least 12 months) and is in the top quartile.

What to not like:
Poor risk adjusted returns

This company is delivering below median risk adjusted returns in its peers. Even if it is outperforming on returns , the returns are unpredictable. Proceed with caution.

High volatility

The total returns for this company are volatile and above median for its sector over the past 5 years. Make sure you have the risk tolerance for investing in such stock.

Below median dividend returns

The company’s average income yield over the past 5 years has been low compared to its peers. However, it is not a problem if you are not looking for income.